Before your appointment:

- Get a good night's rest.

- Have a hearty meal an hour or so before.

- Stay hydrated.

- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, blood-thinners.

- Take care of your personal hygiene.

- Do not wear perfume or cologne.

- Show up on time and be prepared to wait a bit.

- Give yourself time to relax and get into a calm state of mind.  

During your appointment:

- Come alone or bring one friend at most if absolutely necessary.

- Dress the part. Wear clothes that will make it easy to access the area you're getting tattooed.

- Be aware that ink can get on your clothes, so make sure not to wear something you care about.

- Focus on your breathing and stay still.

- Don't talk on your phone (please turn off the ringer & text tone).

- Bring snacks.

After your appointment:

- Tip your artist if they have provided excellent service.

- Follow your artist's care instructions EXACTLY.

- Don't pick or scratch your new tattoo. If any scabs develop, leave them alone until they fall off naturally.

- Avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo until healed.

- After your tattoo is healed, always use sun block to protect your skin.